Paddy Reilly's Song - Jimmy Smith


Paddy Reilly’s Music Bar
519 2nd Avenue
New York, New York
(212) 686-1210

10 of the best Irish bars in New York

In some New York neighbourhoods every other bar seems to be either Irish-themed or Irish-owned. In a city that remains the spiritual home of the Great Irish Bar, the challenge becomes how to sort the genuine from the fake.

The Best Irish Bars in New York City

During the Potato Famine in the late 1840s, Irish immigrants fled to America, and with them came the traditional Irish pub. Fast-forward to today, and New York City has almost 2,000 Irish bars in which to pound Guinness and whiskey -- an astounding number that also makes it pretty difficult to separate the real-deal watering holes from the less authentic replicas.


1986-Present: Paddy’s features live music in a traditional Irish pub setting - in the heart of Midtown East Manhattan. Since 1986, we’ve fostered the spirit of live music in New York City for visitors across America and the world over.  

Seven nights a week, our regular schedule includes Bluegrass Jams Sundays and Mondays, Irish Seisúns Tuesdays and Thursdays, The acclaimed Prodigals Fridays, All Genres Open Mic on Wednesdays, Singer Songwriter Open Mic and New York Brogue on Saturdays - you’ll encounter an evening of welcoming patrons, a casual atmosphere, and live music every day of the week.

Make it a special evening of live music, hearty craic and the best prices on beers and spirits.


Steve Duggan

The steady purveyor of Paddy Reilly's Music Bar, never a day passes when Steve's not greeting guests, pouring a pint, or seeing to the night’s music.  A renowned Gaelic footballer, an accomplished runner, and avid fan of "all things musical".  Steve worked tirelessly to "authenticate" the Irish pub experience.  The flooring is from an Irish hotel, along with remnants of a "still" from County Cavan.

Paddy Reilly

Paddy Reilly, of Rathcoole County, Dublin, is Ireland's foremost solo balladeer, singer and guitarist.  He joined The Dubliners in 1996, collaborating for nine years until moving to the States.  Paddy Reilly has enjoyed an extensive career on the folk and cabaret circuit and is hailed the world over. 

Paddy Reilly